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Answer to the Quiz

Solution : How would you handle this Club suit ♣️83 opposite ♣️AQJ652?

At the table, players will tend to tackle the suit in different ways depending on the level of their knowledge and understanding of the game. Someone who has learnt the game very recently will tend to play the A first and think about what to do next. A little more advanced player will take a finesse and repeat it if it succeeds. An expert might begin with a finesse, might begin with the A and then the Queen, or might begin with Q or J.


Solution: How will you negotiate 10 tricks?

What is the best way to negotiate 10 tricks?

With three top tricks in side suits and little chance for getting a fourth, the rest of the tricks had to come from trumps. East's trump return took one trump each from both the hands leaving three in each hand. Each of those cards must make a tricks. Check the video for a simple solution. 

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