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The first session began almost o­n time. Two of the side rooms at the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose indoor stadium provided the venue for the first session. The semi-finals were played under the stands of the Eden Gardens, the famous cricket stadium. There was a VU GRAPH for the knockout rounds, however, the equipment could not be moved before the start of the first session, so the first session of the final was not o­n the VU GRAPH.

Master and Debashish played in the Open Room vs. Prabhakaran and Venkatraman. Apparently, Venky had forgotten the notes of their convention cards (which formed quite a thick wad), however, the INDIA BLUES team had no problem with not having that for reference, so the game started without any issues. In the Close room, Vivek and I played against Kiran and Sathya.

Vivek and I had a good session except in the beginning, however, we missed a game o­n deal 15, so it wasn't all roses. The final score was 32-26 in favour of INDIA BLUES.

Session I, Ruia final, Kolkata, 16th Dec., 2001

  West North East South
Open Room Debashish Roy B. Prabhakaran K V Krishnamurthy Venkatraman
Close Room B. Sathyanarayan Prakash Paranjape Kiran Nadar Vivek Bhand

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