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When you cannot rectify count for a simple squeeze, strip squeeze might help

A simple squeeze has some basic requirements. One of those is that there shouldn't be any trick to lose. If everyone holds 6 cards, you should need to make all those six tricks. If you need to make five tricks with six cards remaining, you need to lose a trick early, win whatever defenders return, and then go for the simple squeeze. If, for some reason, you cannot afford to lose a trick that way, you need to look for some other technical play instead of a simple squeeze.

While I was commentating on a knockout match, in a 5♣️ contract, even as the Opening Leader cashed the ♥️A, i commented that there was a chance of a Major suit squeeze on East. "Declarer can duck a Diamond", I continued. By then, West had switched to his singleton Spade rendering the Diamond duck an impossible option. Could the squeeze stil work? Of course, it could. 

In the linked video, I discuss this deal that came up while I was commentating on a knockout match..

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