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Solution : How would you handle this Club suit ♣️83 opposite ♣️AQJ652?

At the table, players will tend to tackle the suit in different ways depending on the level of their knowledge and understanding of the game. Someone who has learnt the game very recently will tend to play the A first and think about what to do next. A little more advanced player will take a finesse and repeat it if it succeeds. An expert might begin with a finesse, might begin with the A and then the Queen, or might begin with Q or J. Depending on the situation of entries and the number of tricks needed from the suit, the best option might vary. The best way to handle this Club suit with ♣️83 n the Dummy opposite ♣️AQJ652 depends, among other things, on the entries available in the long Club hand.

The trap an expert should avoid is not to avoid a play just because a novice is likely to choose it.

Examine the hand in this video from that perspective.

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The only side suit entry the South hand has is the ♦️King. Playing the Ace followed by the Queen might not work if the Clubs divide 4-1. Playing the ♣️Q or the ♣️J first will work in most situations, but not if East holds all the outstanding 5 Clubs. The best bet for the Declarer is perhaps to play a Heart to Dummy's A or K, and take a Club finesse.  Watch the video for more details.