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Bridge Policy: Episode01 - A simple bidding problem.

Examine the image, especially the auction, closely. Do you see the symbol of the 1 bid as a ♠️ or a ♣️? 

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About this video:

This is the first video of a 5-part series on Bridge Policy. It seeks to examine a part of Bridge policy starting from a deal that came up during the recently concluded HCL teams event 2021, the highest prize money in the Indian Calendar in which teams from a few other nations also participated. Notable amongst them was a team of Russian Professionals. 

South opens a Standard American 1♣️, and EW have to find there way to a good Spade slam.  Advanced / Expert players will likely find it easy. West will double, East will jump in Spades, and after a round or two of Cue bids/Ace asking, EW would get to 6♠️. Watch the video to see how two experts would bid this hand.

That jump in Spades is based on the understanding that a double shows some tolerance to unbid suits.  If the cards in Spades and Clubs were interchanged, and if South still starts proceedings with a Standard American 1♣️ bid, how would the bidding progress? Further videos in this series address that question.  

In the end of the video, I pose a slightly uncomfortable question. What if South started with a different bid than 1♣️? Watch the video till the end to get to that question.