Bridge Policy: Episode01 - How would you bid these EW hands after a 1♠️ opening

A Clone of Board 21 QF HCL2021 Gold Teams

A video that presents a difficult bidding problem


Bridge Policy: Episode04 - Two barebones defences vs Standard American 1♣️ Opening


This article links to a video that discusses two defences against a standard 1♣️ opening, based on the analysis presented in the third video of this series. I also discuss the bidding on Board 21 of HCL 2021 QF with each of these methods. It turns out that the bidding is a cinch.

Two results are clear from the analysis of a standard 1♣️ opening.

Partner opens std 1D, RHO overcalls 1H, You hold xxxx Kxxxx x Kxx. What is your action?

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The first session began almost o­n time. Two of the side rooms at the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose indoor stadium provided the venue for the first session. The semi-finals were played under the stands of the Eden Gardens, the famous cricket stadium. There was a VU GRAPH for the knockout rounds, however, the equipment could not be moved before the start of the first session, so the first session of the final was not o­n the VU GRAPH.

RUIA final, Session IV, Deal 64: No Score. INDIA BLUES lift RUIA TROPHY.

Deal No.64, West Dealer, North-South Vul

RUIA final, Session IV, Deal 63: An unbid game again.

Deal No.63, South Dealer, None Vul

RUIA final, Session IV, Deal 62: A game that makes both ways.

Deal No.62, East Dealer, None Vul

RUIA final, Session IV, Deal 61: A good unbid game -- IB 2 up still.

Deal No.61, North Dealer, Both Vul

RUIA final, Session IV, Deal 60:

Deal No.60, West Dealer, North-South Vul

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